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How can I hide my signature from public view?

Customer Support Manager
posted this on July 13, 2011, 4:58 PM

Signatures should no longer be publicly visible on Change.org, since signature feeds have been removed from user profiles and petition pages.

Search engines may have old/outdated cached information in their results list and you can wait for the search engines to re-index the website, or you can actively request that it (the particular searchable link/result) be re-indexed :

Please note that

  • the search engines will try to refuse your request because the page is still "live" ; the request will have to go one more step to inform the search engine(s) that the content has changed ;
  • your comments are still publicly visible and searchable.

In order to remove your comment from public view, you can submit a request to the HelpCenter (or the Petition Starter) to have the comment removed and then follow the reindexing steps above.

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